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Silvertech headquarters

The Ash Street School House

196 Bridge Street

Manchester, NH 03104

Call Us: 603.669.6600


Tessa Munson
Chief Financial Officer

Tessa Munson, Chief Financial Officer

Bringing more than 20 years of experience in growth and finance management, Tessa oversees financial operations for SilverTech. Her proficiency spans multiple industries, with a special focus on finance accounting operations, HR management/administration, and contract negotiations. These skills have been integral in helping SilverTech and its clients grow over the years as we achieve strategic growth goals and company milestones.
Relatedly, Tessa manages banking relationships and liaises with Legal Counsel on risk and exposure management working in tandem with the Human Resources, Finance, and Operations departments at SilverTech. Her strong organizational skills and ability to adapt quickly to ever-changing needs of the company along with her dedication, hard work, and loyalty have earned her the respect of not only SilverTech peers, but clients as well.

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Tessa Munson, Chief Financial Officer